BUTMIR d.o.o. today is one of the leading Bosnian-Herzegovinian construction companies that operate in the field of design, execution and engineering.

Our vision is based on the idea of Mr. Husein Hasibović who acted on it in 1990 with establishing a construction company. As a graduated engineer of architecture with many years of experience, Mr. Hasibović decided to base BUTMIR company on employees who represent a major strength of our society from founding it until today.

Monitoring and implementation of the latest scientific and technological achievements helps our employees to achieve all the goals to the satisfaction of our clients. To fully meet the needs of our investors these are the activities available to them

-Engineering, contracting and consulting services;
-Design bureau services;
-Services of building constructions, protection of the foundation pits and deep foundations;
– Residential construction for the needs of the market, industrial structures, tunnels and roads, infrastructure works.

Thanks to the above-mentioned, BUTMIR d.o.o. is able to cover all types of construction work with its own resources, from the development of project documentation and consulting services to performing the most complex structures in the field of building constructions and civil engineering. The mentioned concentration of knowledge and clearly visible implemented business ventures, which are among the most important in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the past two decades, give us the right to say for ourselves that we are construction organization that operates according to the most demanding world standards.

Our market value, i.e. our knowledge readily waits future challenges which will be accompanied by excellent results.

25 years of experience
Best equipment