Design bureau


As a design bureau, which operates within one of the most significant construction business entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we’re focused primarily on the performance of architectural studies, architectural design and engineering, supervision of building construction and consultancy services.

A team of experts, supported by modern project equipment, is qualified for full support during realization of the most complex projects in the construction sector. Our expertise will help investors turn their idea into a final product in the most efficient way, and our professional management of all development phases and project implementation will contribute to the fullest development of the client’s vision.

Designing buildings for different purposes requires extensive experience but also offers the opportunity for continued progress in the field, especially when it operates within a construction society such as BUTMIR. When we add innovation through the adoption of advanced scientific solutions and inspirational professional and creative workers, investors cannot be deprived of a complete and efficient service provided in accordance with advanced international trends.

From the initial consultation to turnkey, the design bureau provides the best available solutions alongside constant contact with the client to make their wish a reality.

25 years of experience
Best equipment